Mickey’s Not So Scary Round 2

We’re back for Round 2 of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  We knew going on a Friday night meant more crowds, but we were prepared to deal with it the best we could.  Also, before getting to the party Jeremy and I agreed to take it easy because we were exhausted from the last two nights staying out so late, but nevertheless we persisted!


Our costumes for Friday night were my favorite!  Snow White and Grumpy!  Jeremy told me when I started planning our costumes that he would not dress up like a prince, and it took some arm turning, but he agreed to go as Grumpy, and it was adorable.  I also carried my Poison Apple popcorn bucket as a purse to use throughout the night which was the perfect touch of detail.  This night we had primarily three goals: meet all the characters, eat all the specialty treats and ride all the specialty attractions!


We were able to redeem ourselves from the night before and ride Space Mountain with all the lights off.  Of course, Jeremy and I were in the last two rows, and we were behind a lady who had blinking pumpkin earrings.  Thankfully, she realized a bit into the ride that her earrings were bright and distracting, so she turned them off.  It was crazy to go on that ride without any lights.  Even though it’s usually dark, it was kind of spooky to not be able to semi prepare yourself for what was next.  The music they played was similar to just Rock, I guess. It would have been more enjoyable if they played Halloween music with all the lights off.  We were also able to go on Pirates of the Caribbean with the included live actors.  There was a pirate in the jail interacting with guests in the queue and another pirate letting all of the riders know he was in search for Peglegged Pete.  At first, I was like okay random, but then once on the ride, you find another pirate, and it is none other than Peglegged Pete!

For characters, we were able to meet Mickey Mouse in Town Square, Stitch dressed up as Elvis, and the Seven Dwarfs!  This was my first time meeting Mickey since they removed his voice at Town Square, so it was bittersweet.  Stitch dressed as Elvis was a new offering this year, and I loved it.  I have never been a huge Stitch fan, but I loved this specialty costume.  He was so cute!  Finally, the main event for us was meeting the Seven Dwarfs.  First off, I love that they moved their meet and greet inside Storybook Circus.  The AC was much appreciated in the 90-degree heat in October, and it also helped prepare in case of rain which we didn’t run into, but we have in previous years.  We went to meet them right before the fireworks, and we waited maybe 20 minutes.  It was so worth going later because we beat the huge crowd of people the dwarfs always attract.

Now for food.  This was Jeremy’s favorite part.  We were able to try four Halloween Party specialties.  The first was the Jack Skellington Cake Push Pop at Sleepy Hollow.  Honestly, I was hyped up for this treat, and I will admit I was disappointed.  It was awkward to eat because it was similar to a cupcake, but you had to push it up to eat more.  It was a hot mess to try to eat.  It was good, but I would have preferred it just as an individual cupcake.  Next up was the Muenster Smash Burger at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café.  This was right up Jeremy’s alley but not mine since I like my cheeseburgers plain.  His overall review was not bad.  The pictures were a lot nicer looking than the actual product.  From my point of view, the black bun itself looked unappetizing.  It was a combination of a burger, tater tots, cheese, and Sriracha aïoli.  We then opted for a chill treat, the Maleficent Dessert at Storybook Treats.  It was so cute, but with the heat, it began to melt immediately.  The flavor was okay.  If you like lime, then this is the treat for you.  It was good, but I am not a general fan of the flavor.  And finally, we tried the Worms and Dirt at Peco Bills Tall Tale Inn and Café which I was super excited for because I love these kinds of things.  We caught them right before they closed at 11 which surprised me since the party didn’t end til 12.  It was good, but it was nothing special.  Just pudding, gummy worms, and chocolate cake crumbs.  The cutest part was the tomb headstone for Master Gracey from Haunted Mansion.

Overall, we had a great night, but like I said we decided to take it easy especially since we had eaten around the world at Epcot earlier that day.  Check back next week for our top picks from Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival!


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