Epcot International Food & Wine Favorites

You voted, and I will deliver!  During our Fall Break trip, we set off the majority of a day to spend at Epcot to sip and dine our way around the World Showcase and all of the various booths.  I had been reading up on blog posts discussing the festival favorites and new offerings for this year, but I also knew we would have to figure out once we got there.  We didn’t eat breakfast that morning because we knew we would be getting our fill in.  Before we ventured off, I went through the festival guide at the front of the park and highlighted what I wanted to get, and then Jeremy did the same.  This is where my OCD kicks in.  I wanted to make sure we hit all of our favorite stops and did it in the most effective way. L O L judge me!

Our first stop was at the Shimmering Sips Mimosa Bar at the Festival Center.  I was SUPER hyped up for this being that I am a basic white girl and I love my mimosas.  We ordered three: the tropical mimosa, the frozen mimosa, and the blood orange mimosa.

My rankings for them would be:10764401616_IMG_2269

  1. Tropical – the tropical was by far my favorite.  It was fruity and still refreshing at the same time, but it still gave you the nice little buzz.
  2. Frozen – This one was okay!  Honestly, the White Claw Natural Lime Hard Seltzer in it was an awkward taste I didn’t enjoy.  I had hoped I would like it more because I love icees, but I would pass on this one again.
  3. Blood Orange – Jeremy ordered this one, and I was not a fan.  I didn’t enjoy the blood orange flavor neither did Jeremy.  We both voted for the Tropical as the top contender.




Next up was the Taste Track near Test Track!  Jeremy ordered the Pancake Milkshake, and we weren’t sure what to expect with this one, but Jer said it was honestly just a glorified milkshake with sprinkles on top.  He said if put to a taste test with a vanilla milkshake, he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.



To continue on our drink adventure, we went to the Light Lab near Club Cool!  I was excited about this just because the inside is really cool from what we experienced last year.  We ordered the Phosphorescent Phreeze Flight to split!  It was cute how it was presented.  I would compare it to an icee with much less sugar.  The best flavor was the blue, then the purple, then the yellow.  Overall, the drinks weren’t great, but the experience in the room was cool.


We finally decided to get some food at Flavor From Fire near Epcot Character Spot.  The smells walking around the area were just amazing.  You can smell the barbeque in the air, and it was so appetizing.  Jeremy ordered the Piggy Wings.  He really enjoyed them and wished you were served more.


Next up was one of my favorite offerings that was brought back from last year’s festival.  At Coastal Eats, we ordered a Baked Shrimp Scampi dip which is served with some French Bread.  It was just as good as I remembered it, although I think we got more shrimp last year.  Definitely recommend it if you’re a seafood fan!


We decided to actually adventure out past Future World and into the World Showcase to eat some more.  Our first stop was the Germany Pavillion for an Apple Strudel.  I was super pumped for this one, and I was sufficiently let down.  The strudel part was undercooked and mushy.  Plus, the apples inside of it were very plain and lacked any cinnamon seasoning at all.  We also got very little vanilla sauce to dip it in, so I was rather sad after leaving Germany.


From Germany, we headed to the Italy pavilion to get some real food rather than dessert.  We were going to order a Fritto Mista, but the cast member said it would take twenty minutes to prepare, so we ordered the Mezzi Rigatoni.  Honestly,  I am so glad the Fritto Mista wasn’t ready because the Mezzi was amazing! The sauce was a little spicy, but it was a nice little kick.  Also, the pasta was cooked amazing!  I would have loved to order that as a regular entree!


Our last stop before we both entered into a food coma was at the Refreshment Port for Jeremy to try the Sweet Potato Poutine which he raved about after devouring it.  We got to enjoy our last food and wine meal on the honorary festival tables, a lovely nearby trashcan.  This is one of our favorite festivals to attend because I love sweet treats, and Jeremy loves food in general!


Have you attended the Food and Wine Festival before?  What’s your favorite festival offering?  Let me know in the comments!


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