Decorating a Grad Cap – Tips & Tricks

I am officially less than two weeks away from my college graduation ceremony Writing those words out is honestly unbelievable because it has felt like the longest journey to get here, and I am excited for what the future holds, and the new journey I’ll be going on in Texas!  Ever since I began posting my senior pictures, I have been getting tons of messages about my grad cap especially how I did it, so I thought I would tell y’all how I did it and give you tips for decorating your graduation cap!

First off, to address a bunch of messages I’ve been getting.

1.) No, I do not go to a university where our colors are pink.

2.) Yes, I took my senior pictures in Disney and not on my campus.

I’ll address both of these.

First, my university’s colors are red and black primarily – two colors which do not fit my aesthetic (#judgeme), and I knew I would be taking my senior pictures in my Lilly, so I wanted it to match.  Bring in the ever so faithful handy-dandy Amazon.  I found grad caps in almost every color possible, so I ordered it for $7.99, and it was prime!  Win-win!

Second, I took my senior pictures at Disney because it means so much to me and my journey.  It has been my safe haven through rough times, where I spent a semester, where I met some of my best friends, and where I have some of my best memories.  Also, I knew I would be in the area for Wine and Dine Half marathon weekend, so it’s not like I made a trip down there to take the pictures specifically.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: decorating!


Researching the Design:

The first part of this whole process was scouring Pinterest for designs I liked.  I spent way too much time checking out all of the pictures.  Honestly, I found my design and picked it out within the first few minutes of my search, but I just enjoyed looking at all the different pictures and ideas.  You just need to search for a general idea.  For example, my search was “Disney grad cap”.  It brings up so many possibilities.  Also, I thought about combining several different designs together to create the ultimate one, but I settled on the simple one because it was my favorite.

Supplies Shopping:

Next up was implementing the design!  Here’s where I messed up. My mom and I just went to Michael’s and picked up the stickers we needed: glitter letters, the castle, and mini pearls.  The castle and pearls were fine, but the letters are where we should have prepared more.  We completely overestimated the room we had on the cap with the castle in place only to get home and realize the letters wouldn’t fit.  Also, if you are going to be writing out words your cap take a tally off all the letters you will need.  For example, I needed 6 E’s.  I recommend doing this, so you buy the right amount of sticker sheets with all the letters you need.  Here’s what I recommend doing: take a tally of all the individual letters you will need, measure your cap, and bring your cap with you when you go shopping for your supplies!  It doesn’t hurt to have it with you to eyeball it!

Implementing the design!  

Honestly, mom and I were in a rush to get my cap done because we procrastinated on it until right before my pictures.  We were napping and chose to snooze the alarm a little longer – sorry not sorry.  Because of this, we just stuck the stickers directly to the cap without hot glue.  This worked fine for my pictures.  All of the stickers stayed on no issue.  If you’re planning on traveling or bringing your grad cap around, I would recommend hot gluing it because traveling home some of the stickers either moved to a different spot on the cap or fell off completely.


Tips & Tricks!

  1.  Spend some quality time research designs on the Internet and Pinterest.  Pick something that is personal to you.  Take this chance to be creative and create something unique that combines your personality.
  2. Measure your grad cap before shopping for your supplies and bring the cap with you shopping!
  3. Make a list of the letters/stickers you need to know how many different sheets you’ll need to purchase.
  4. If you need the stickers to stay on for a while, hot glue them down to the cap.  If you only need it for pictures or graduation, you could probably get away with just sticking them to the cap!


This cap was super special to me, and I love the pictures I have with it.  My actual graduation cap will be a more simple design, but I am excited about it too because again it’s a representation of me and my personality, but I won’t be sharing that design until my graduation day, December 14th!  Until then, Happy December!



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