WDW Marathon Weekend Recap

After spending the last two days lying in bed resting and recuperating from this past week, I decided to sit down and recap our experience participating in WDW Marathon Weekend Races and attending the expo.  First off, let me say a huge congratulations to all of the runners who ran in the Marathon today.  Y’all are rock stars!  It was so inspiring to watch everyone push through the conditions to accomplish such an incredible feat!  I am nowhere near the caliber ready to take on a marathon but maybe one day!  For this year, mom and I participated in the 5k on Thursday morning, and I ran in the 10k on Friday, and we attended the Expo on Wednesday!  I will do a little recap of each experience for y’all!


Normally, when we come down for runDisney race weekends I am in school, so I still go to class and leave after my classes are finished, so we have never attended the opening day of the expo, so this was a different experience for us.  We got there around 11:00, and I immediately headed for the runDisney merchandise.  It’s a tradition for me to pick up the magnets of the distance I’m running that weekend, so I wanted to make sure I scored a 5k and 10k magnet before they sold out.  We were placed in a queue line to wait to get in to look for the merchandise.  When we first got into the room where the lines were formed, it looked long and I was unamused.  But the line moved very quickly we were constantly moving and what it appeared to be a 45-minute line only took us 15 minutes maybe, so it wasn’t bad at all!  I was overwhelmed with all the merchandise selection and people wandering everywhere, but we got it done.  It was so hard for me to not go crazy with all the dopey merchandise.  I wanted it all because Dopey is one of my favorite characters, but I wasn’t participating in it, so I stayed away.  I was able to score one of the new runDisney spirit jerseys with the fab five running on the back, some ornaments, and a performance tank with Oswald on it!  I loved the Dooney and Bourke clutch they were selling that said “Every Mile is Magic”, but I knew I didn’t need it.  After we checked out, we headed to pick up our bib.  Bib pick up was super smooth and easy!  The volunteer who checked me in for the 10k was actually from the area where I went to school, so it was fun getting to chat with him and his wife for a bit.  From picking up our bib we headed to the good stuff the vendor’s expo!  I knew walking into the vendor’s expo it was going to be crowded but holy people.  It was so cramped and congested trying to walk through.  It made trying to browse the booths difficult, but we managed.  I originally intended to avoid shopping because I didn’t necessarily need anything, but nonetheless, I was trapped by all the shiny things.  I did good on the way to pick up our shirts, but on the way back I immediately noticed the Buff Your Body booth, and they were doing demonstrations.  I had seen the product on Instagram before, so I got so excited to try it in person.  It’s pretty much an electronic foam roller, and it is amazing.  I am addicted to it, and we’ve only had it for 3 days!  We stopped at a couple of other booths and picked up some goodies before heading out.  Once we left the vendors arena, it was like I was finally able to breathe again.  That’s how crowded it was in there, which should have shown us how crowded the races would be that weekend.



I was so excited about the 5k because my mom was doing it with me.  I think the only thing my mom would run for is a sale, so she loves doing the runDisney 5k since it’s such a relaxed environment filled with runners of all athleticism types *i.e. she isn’t the only one who walks the whole thing.*  And I love doing the races with her because we dress up together whether our costumes math or coordinate.  This race we decided to match as the Queen of Sass, Minnie Mouse.  We made our shirts with our Silhouette Studio and our skirts were from Sparkle Athletic!  The weather took a full 360 the day before the 5k and went from mild temperatures and sunshine to Frozen tundra type weather.  Okay, I am exaggerating but when you’re from Louisiana anything under 60 is cold.  Mom and I both had wool sweaters on under our monogrammed shirts, and we still weren’t warm enough, but we pushed through it because you do it for the bling.  We took the bus from the Swan to the start line at Epcot, where we hopped in line to meet Minnie Mouse and from there we headed to our corral.  There were so many unique character stops along the course.  We only stopped for one because we were freezing and the lines were so long.  We only met Scottish Goofy because who doesn’t love a Goof!  Once we finished, we intended on getting a picture with Oswald as he was on the medals, but the character attendant told us the current wait was an hour and fifteen minutes, and Oswald would be leaving in 45 minutes whether we met him or not, so we decided to cut our losses and head back to the hotel to defrost and get ready to play in the parks!

The characters available for pictures along the course included:

  • Flik and Atta from A Bug’s Life
  • The Vikings from Norway
  • Genie for Aladdin
  • Scotish Goofy
  • Race Car Donald




I was excited and nervous for the 10k.  I was excited because the energy with runDisney is great and nervous because I wasn’t sure if I was properly trained and ready, and I have also been dealing with a hip injury which I plan on talking about more when I can get my thoughts and emotions under control.  Nevertheless, she persisted.  I didn’t really have a plan for the race.  I decided beforehand that I would adjust my pace by how I felt, and I did just that.  The weather was not as cold as the day before, but it was cold enough for this Southern girl.  So much so that mom and I traveled to the North Face outlet and picked me up some cold weather gear.  I got a sweatshirt with a hood to wear under my sorcerer shirt, some warmer gloves, and an ear warmer wrap.  I also wore two pairs of leggings: one pair was light, but they were fleece lined, so I wore those under my regular running leggings.  Plus, I had my throwaway jacket from Walmart on top of all of that.  I was so thankful for all the extra layers when waiting around in the corral, but I began to shed the layers as I warmed up from running. The course overall was okay, it was just like the 5k the day before with a few extra miles added on.  I ended up not stopping for any character pictures because none of them were that unique and most could be found within the parks.  I grabbed a picture with Dopey at the starting line of the race, and I got a picture with Mickey after I finished before I headed back to the hotel.  If there’s one character stop I wish I had done it would be Chip and Dale, but I am not too upset I missed them.  Overall, it was a great race, and I was obsessed with my costume.  Just like the 5k mom and I made my shirt using our Silhouette and I ordered my skirt from Fit4aPrincessShop on Etsy, and my ears were from Happily Ever After by Patti on Etsy as well!

The characters along the course included:

  • Ralph and Venellope
  • Rescue Rangers Chip and Dale
  • Evil Witch from Snow White
  • Mardi Gras Stilt Walkers
  • Jiminy Cricket
  • Abu from Aladdin
  • Remy and Emilie from Ratatouille
  • Football Goofy
  • Max Goof


The two downsides of the whole weekend I will say include – the massive crowds for both of the races and the unpredictable weather.  But other than that, Mom and I had a great time participating in the races, and we can’t wait to be back for Princess Half Marathon Weekend in February!


2 thoughts on “WDW Marathon Weekend Recap

  1. I love both your outfits! The Minnie outfits look especially cute in the picture with Goofy because he’s got some red in his outfit too. I was amazed and relieved at how much more organized the expo was this year compared to last.


    1. Thanks so much Emily! I’m glad to hear you had a better experience at the Expo. This was our first year for Marathon Weekend!


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