So You Want to Start Running…

Hey, y’all!

I am finally writing one of my most requested blog posts “I want to start running, but I have no idea how?” Let me start this off by saying I am in no way by any means an expert, so the advice I will be sharing comes from my personal experiences and running-related books I’ve read over the last 2 ish years! I’m going to cover just the basics in this post, and if y’all enjoy it or have any more questions I can add on to it!


I cannot stress this enough! Take the time and spend the money to get fitted for running shoes that are best suited for your feet! It’s super simple to find a store that does this – just google “running store near me” and you will see multiple options come up of places to go around you! I don’t have a specific recommendation of what store to go to as I’ve been to a variety of different ones over the year! They will typically ask you to walk around the store or on a treadmill to evaluate how you walk/run to decide what shoe is best for you!

I wear Hoka Cliftons currently, and I used to wear the Hoka Arahis before them. I personally wear Hoka’s because they were recommended to me by my podiatrist because they offer the most support. I have had two ankle surgeries and two-foot surgeries, so it was super important to me to make sure my shoes could support any weaknesses I may still have. The best part about these running stores is they usually have a 30-day return policy, so you can try the shoes out and see if they will truly work for you.

2. Register for a race or set your goal.

Before you begin running you need to decide why am I deciding to run right now? This answer can take many forms – weight loss/health, stress release, or you have always wanted to run a 5k/10k/Half/Full. By deciding what you want to achieve it will give you motivation when times get tough, and it will keep you focused. Make sure you pick a race that is far enough out to make sure you have enough time to properly train!

3. Research and decide on a training plan to follow.

I currently work with a running coach (@runningwithstrength) who curates my training schedule, cross-training, and nutrition on a weekly basis.  I chose to upgrade to a coach after using the galloway plan for over a year.  I have been with my coach for almost 1 & 1/2 (on and off due to surgery).  I have personally noticed a significant difference in my race times and have achieved all of my PR’s under her coaching.

BUT I have personally succeeded on online training plans alone as well.  My favorite training plans are the  Galloway training plans.  I SWEAR up and done by the Galloway method which is basically about Run/Walk/Run intervals.  It’s super simple – you just adjust the amount of time of running and walking to whatever YOU can do.  I love that it’s customizable to your abilities.  You can start by just doing 15-second runs and 30 seconds walk and as you feel yourself getting stronger you can continue adjusting your intervals.  You can also find tons of other training plans on Pinterest and Google!  Just search until you find the one that’s right for you!

4. Nourish and hydrate properly

This is something I didn’t take seriously my first year running.  I just ate whatever and didn’t really think about my training runs or what I was eating before races.  You don’t need to have a strict diet regiment if you don’t want to but just make sure that you are eating enough carbs to fuel your runs as well as protein!  Basically, just make sure you are fueling your body, so you can avoid injury!

Also, hydrating is SO important during these hot summer months.  I’m not this best at this I’ll admit, but something I do stick to is the Monday of race week I start drinking at least 60 ounces of water every day.  As the race gets closer, I will start adding electrolyte drinks like Powerade, Gatorade, or Propel.  I do this especially when I’m at Disney for race weekends and I am playing in the parks in the heat!

5. Accept that this running is a rollercoaster.

I am totally going to say the cliche, but running is a marathon, not a sprint.  What I mean by that is you’re going to have good runs and bad runs no matter what you do.  You need to accept the good with the bad.  It is so easy to get frustrated when things don’t go your way, but it is all apart of the process and trust the process!  Speaking of the process and the journey, I cannot emphasize enough that this is YOUR journey and no one else’s.  Even doing this for two years I still struggle with the comparison factor.  Comparing my paces, my mileage, and my distance with everyone else’s – I’m still working on it, but it is so important to be in your journey focusing on your next mile.  I truly believe that if you run any amount, you are a runner, and you should own it!

I hope this helps for everyone who’s asked!  If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to message me or comment on this post.  I would love to help out your running journey in any way possible!


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