Halloween at Walt Disney World 2020

The witching hour is among us, and I plan to milk it for all it’s worth! We have visited Disney World during Halloween season since 2014, and we weren’t planning to miss this year. Obviously, there have been some major changes. The main change being no Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, but I wanted to share all the fun ways you can still celebrate Halloween while at Walt Disney World this year. The park with the most/main Halloween offerings is Magic Kingdom, so let’s start there.

Magic Kingdom:

The first noticeable change is the Mickey Pumpkin wreaths adorning Main Street – it wouldn’t be Halloween without the classic cuties on Main Street. Two pro tips – one – you can get great pictures with the pumpkin wreaths in the hub area without any crowd around you. Two – book a dining reservation before park close or even after at places such as Liberty Tree Tavern or Be Our Guest. By eating there later in the evening, you may be able to leave around 7ish which means the Mickey Pumpkins wreaths will be lit for the evening, and you can get some really unique pictures!

As Disney is all about practicing social distancing while keeping both guests and cast members safe, but still want to offer some character interaction through various cavalcades. These occur randomly throughout the day on Main Street. Some different variations that can be seen are: Pooh Bear and the One Hundred Acre Wood gang in Halloween costumes, Nightmare Before Christmas characters, classic Disney villains, Mickey and Minnie Mouse along with Pluto, Donald and Daisy Duck! The best way to watch out for these is to listen for the music to change that’s your cue that something wicked this way comes!

Finally, there is all the delicious treats to snack on all day. Some of our favorites included the Cinnamon Donuts (Available at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café) – Served in a Hitchhiking Ghost Novelty container and Constance’s For Better or For Worse Wedding Cake (Available at Liberty Square Market) – Citrus cake with raspberry Bavarian cream, whipped cream flowers, and a chocolate axe. A friend had the Pumpkin Spiced Waffle Sundae (Available at Sleepy Hollow) –Pumpkin spice-flavored waffled topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and sprinkles and loved it, so I would definitely recommend checking that out if you’re a pumpkin spice fan!

Hollywood Studios:

We didn’t get the chance to try any of the Halloween treats in any of the other parks, but I will list them below!

  • Poison Candied Apple (Available at Trolley Car Café) – Apple and caramel mousse covered in red glaze with a crunchy candy base 
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Cannoli (Available at PizzeRizzo) – Pumpkin cheesecake mixed with a hazelnut praline crunch in a cannoli shell 
  • Pumpkin Tiramisu (Available at Rosie’s All-American Café) –Layers of cream mascarpone and spiced pumpkin cake 
  • Box of Bones Chocolate Éclair (Available at Backlot Express)– Chocolate éclair with dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate bones 

A main Halloween offering at Hollywood Studios is Minnie’s Halloween Dine at Hollywood and Vine. This is a table-service dining option where you can interact with classics such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy in their Halloween costumes at a safe social distance.

Epcot and Animal Kingdom:

Unfortunately, both of these parks didn’t have much to offer in way of Halloween spirit. There were various snacking options, but we didn’t go out of our way to try in Animal Kingdom, but I will list them below for convenience in case any of them appeal to you!

  • Scar Cupcake (Available at Creature Comforts, Flame Tree Barbecue, and Restaurantosaurus) – Red velvet cupcake with toasted marshmallow filling, chocolate marshmallow frosting, chocolate pebbles, white chocolate flames, and an edible icing image  
  • Spooky Apple Punch Specialty Beverage (Non-Alcoholic) (Available at Flame Tree Barbecue and Isle of Java) – Sprite with Monin Apple Syrup poured over ice, garnished with a rock candy apple straw, a gummy worm, a Novelty Poison Apple Glow Cube, and a sugar lime rim 
  • Rotten Apple Punch Specialty Beverage (Alcoholic) (Available Flame Tree Barbecue) – Angry Orchard and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky over ice, garnished with a Novelty Poison Apple Glow Cube, and gummy worms 

All of EPCOT’s Halloween snack options will only be available on Halloween day!

  • Halloween Cupcake (Available on Halloween Day Only at Sunshine Seasons) – Choice of vanilla or chocolate cupcake with buttercream and a Mickey Pumpkin garnish
  • Nemo & Squirt’s Noggin Concoction (Available on Halloween Day Only at Coral Reef Restaurant) – Chocolate brownie stuffed with a chocolate chip cookie topped with white chocolate-covered pretzels and a Mickey Pumpkin Garnish
  • Halloween Sugar Cookie (Available on Halloween Day Only at Traveler’s Café and Garden Grill) – Sugar cookie topped with Halloween Sprinkles
  • Liquid Nitro Cake Pop (Available on Halloween Day Only at Desserts & Champagne Marketplace in World Showplace for EPCOT Taste of International Food & Wine Festival) – Liquid nitro chocolate cake pop with Halloween sprinkles

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