Your RunDisney Basics

Happy Monday Y’all! I loved all the feedback I received from my “So you want to start running…” post; I am so glad y’all found it helpful!  If you haven’t had a chance to read… More

So You Want to Start Running…

Hey, y’all! I am finally writing one of my most requested blog posts “I want to start running, but I have no idea how?” Let me start this off by saying I am in no… More

Princess 2020 Recap

Welp, here we are!  Almost a year since my last post.  I find it kind of ironic my last post was talking about my most recent surgery and here we are 11 months later talking… More

Overcoming Obstacles & Dealing with Injury

As most of you probably know by now, I underwent major surgery on Tuesday morning to fix my left hip.  I did not share anything about the surgery on social media beforehand because I was… More

Princess Weekend 2019

Whew!  Did February feel like a blur for anyone else besides me? I blinked, and it was already March.  It could be due to the fact that I was traveling for the majority of the… More

WDW Marathon Weekend Recap

After spending the last two days lying in bed resting and recuperating from this past week, I decided to sit down and recap our experience participating in WDW Marathon Weekend Races and attending the expo. … More

2018 Medal Monday

I have officially crossed my final finish line of 2018!  I wanted to take time to reflect back on all of the races I’ve participated in to really appreciate how far I’ve come!  *ba dum… More

2018 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend

Now that I have finally recovered from running 19.3 miles and the time change, I have finally had time to sit down and recap my experience at runDisney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend.  I… More