After Party Sale | January 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶 Honestly, it’s like Lilly Pulitzer knew I was suffering from serious post-holiday blues and the torrential downpour Louisiana has been experiencing this past week. Lilly officially announced the dates for their Spring After Party Sale, and I couldn’t be more excited! The sale kicks off in stores tomorrow and online on Monday! While we won’t officially know what is being released until Monday morning when the sale goes live, it’s always fun to speculate and hope! First, I’m going show you some of my favorite prints and styles from the fall collections that will be probably be included, so without further ado.

1. “Pawsitive Catitude” – honestly, I love this print for so many reasons. It was released in October and part of the profits made from the sales of the prints was donated to breast cancer research. I love it because it combines three of my loves: pink, Lilly, and cats! Everyone knows I’m a crazy cat mama and darn proud of it! This print was offered in an Elsa, popover, run around hat, scarf, and dress!

2. “Slathouse Soiree” I am obsessed with this print.  It has the perfect pop of pinks with light purple and navy.  It pairs perfectly with several colors.  My favorite style of this print is the Magnolia Short with its perfect scallop trim on the bottom.  It’s one of my go-to outfits for Disney!

3. “Pretty Peas” was included in the first Resort delivery, and it is such a gorgeous print.  The royal blue is so beautiful in person, and it’s not a typical Lilly color pattern, so I love the variety it adds to my closet.  I own the Amandine Top in the print which I am hoping they continue to release in more prints.  The top is so lightweight, so it is perfect for hot days in the South, and it has the cutest ruffle detail around the collar which tends to dress it up a little!

4. The best time to stock up on Elsa tops is the After Party Sale.  I typically focus on building a solid color collection for my closet because the various colors perfectly pair with all of my Lilly bottoms, and they are available at such a great discount.  I also love to pick up a few patterned Elsas!


Now for what I’m shopping for!

Honestly, I don’t go into the sale with much of a plan, and I tend to black out and wake up with a huge bill.  *Whoops, sorry Mom* BUT this time I have created a semi-plan.  I just took a serious inventory of my closet to actually realize what I have, so I’m not shopping blind.  While I was inventorying, I was taking note of styles I needed to look for.  So for example,  I have recently sized down in popovers, so the sale is the perfect time to stock up in smaller sizes at a discounted rate.  I am also looking for three quarter sleeve tops!  Something I am always on the lookout for is new skorts.  I especially love the Collette Skorts, and Lilly is notorious to release recuts of patterns previously not offered before, so I will definitely be checking the site frequently throughout the entire sale just in case they decide to add any surprise recuts!  Also, I have been taking pictures throughout all of the releases of various prints and styles I love to keep documented so I can look out for them during the sale.  Below are some of my favorites that I will be shopping for this weekend!


In honor of the sale, I have teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers, and we have come together to give one of our lucky followers a $100 Lilly Pulitzer gift card just in time to shop the sale!  All of the details are located on my previous Instagram post, so be sure to check it out and enter before it closes at Midnight tonight!

I hope everyone is just as excited to shop the sale as I am.  What styles and prints are you hoping will be included in the After Party Sale?  Let me know in the comments!



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